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  • Open and read CSV-File
  • Show and modify Data's into an Grid
  • Change Format of Columns
  • Set Filter into Columns
  • Sort Table by Column content
  • Join with a second Table
  • Append a second Table
  • Different Graphs (Time Series Plot, Boxplot, Individual Plot, Violinplot, Scatterplot)
  • Different Statistic Plots (Descriptive Statistics, Process Capability Study, Test of normal distribution,...)
  • Create a sequence number into new Column
  • Combine Category Columns
  • Split Columns
  • Simple Math Functions between 2 columns, column with one value, Crosstable and contingency table
  • Delete NA Columns or with special content
  • Replace content into Columns
  • Convert different Time Date format's
  • Build Column with the Calendar Information of a Column
  • Safe current Table into CSV-File
  • read more Data then the current Office Programs (is dependent on your random access memory)
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